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How to return youth and health?

A person always wants to be slim, young and healthy. In the modern world, the mass media impose beauty standards on us. We are shown what we should strive for. A woman must be very thin, a man must be pumped up “macho.” But the stars shine in the sky, you will not follow them. And nature has given far from all the flawless appearance. Nowadays, high speeds for themselves sometimes just do not have time.

Youth is an instant, it flies by very quickly. And, unfortunately, not always people have time to realize themselves. We are often delayed household bog. In early adolescence it seems that everything is still ahead. Man has many plans and hopes. But time passes, and dreams remain dreams. And so, at one “beautiful moment”, looking at ourselves in the mirror, we understand that youth has gone. Wrinkles, excess weight appeared, the skin became not as clean as in youth, there was constant fatigue. And it’s all? Need to accept and wait for the end?

Even young people notice signs of approaching old age. The young body has a lot of resources, so the person feels good. But if a young man finds himself in uncommon, unusual conditions, he immediately realizes that he is not very healthy.

Have you ever wondered why after a normal breakfast is so hard? Why do you want to sleep after lunch? And after a hard day’s work, we only feel tired and no longer want anything? What do you think it takes to be in shape? Of course workout. You need to do a lot of physical education. Why do we need training? Can not you do without them?

Of course, youth is leaving. Even the stars are aging. All this is very sad.

Or maybe there is a way to regain lost youth, health, beauty?
Of course have. There is a real way to return your health to the level of a young body. And this method is not only for those who have lost their youth and beauty, but also for those who are all right. They have a chance to extend youth indefinitely. In this case, no training is needed.

The key to the solution is very simple. Only one aspect of life needs to be changed – food. I foresee your disappointment. Too simple and obvious. But it really is. After all, everything else depends on what we eat. This is not a diet, not an additive or a magic pill. This is a special power system. It is called raw foods. This is not a diet, because the diet ends sooner or later. Raw foods – it’s food, designed for life. This is not only a different food, but also a different way of life, a different attitude.

Everyone knows that man consists mainly of water. We grow old when water leaves our cells. Why it happens? The fact is that free radicals suck out water from the cells. These molecules are positively charged. They lack one electron. They pull electrons out of their cells. The cell loses its energy. We are aging precisely because of free radicals. But there are molecules with a free electron. These are antioxidants. These molecules neutralize free radicals.

Our appearance depends on the state of our health.
We are young while there is energy in our cells. Human health is affected by how clean his body is. A clean body depends on our food. Everything is very simple. The liveliness of our cells depends on how alive our food is.

Living foods, living water and air are all antioxidants. Conversely, dead food, water and air are free radicals.

Our diet consists mainly of cooked foods. This is dead food. A lively food that is used in its natural form. As her nature created. Water and air are also dead. And it’s not just environmental pollution. But also in the energy pollution of the environment.

In nature, only man cooks his food. She is able to support our existence, but no more. In boiled food, all the beneficial substances are transformed into dead, harmful to the body. Our body absorbs only the substances of living plants. Taking artificial vitamins does not solve the problem. Plants are able to transform inorganic substances into organic.

People perform hygiene procedures, but no one thinks about the internal cleanliness of the body. But in the human body is a huge amount of toxins. Sometimes a few tens of kilograms. The body can not cope with this dirt and shove it wherever possible.

The reserves of our body are very large. They are sometimes missing up to 70 years. But the reserves of our body sooner or later run out. We begin to experience the effects of pollution already in the middle of life. These are diseases, excess weight, constant fatigue.

Our biofield responds to clogging of the body. Slags prevent the body from working normally. The weakening of energy leads to changes in the physical body.

The fact is that a living being must eat a living meal.

What distinguishes live food from the dead?
These are enzymes. They die at temperatures above 41 degrees.

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How to return youth and health?
A person always wants to be slim, young and healthy. In the modern world, the mass media impose beauty standards on us. We are shown what we should strive for.…


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