Catalan meat - the secrets of Spain in your kitchen!
The rhythmic castante in skillful hands turns into a knock of a living human heart, intoxicates and intoxicates the scent of a white foam acacia flower, bright lace of petals…

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Can a child be a vegetarian?
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7 myths about food

Over the past 30–40 years, not only has the reality (mobile phones, the Internet) changed, but, above all, the environment has changed dramatically. Real bread, butter, milk, vegetables and meat disappeared from the tables. People seem to be in the middle of a great experiment. What else is the human body unable to resist, neutralize and digest? Maybe some other food supplement, maybe genetically modified foods. And this is evident from the growing prevalence of diseases that only the old people were sick with. Today, diseases affect everyone, regardless of age.

Popular myths about nutrition
1. Drink plenty of water a day.
Let no one indicate how much liquid to drink per day. Always listen to your body, watch the color of urine, it should not be almost completely white or dark yellow, but straw. Different need for water on a hot and winter day. Excess water can also kill. This condition is called water poisoning. Do not drink water when you do not feel thirst, just to fill the daily rate. In addition, water also includes food, if you eat a lot of raw juicy vegetables and fruits or drink juice squeezed out of them, then in normal weather dehydration does not threaten and you can not adhere to a strict norm to drink extra liters of water.

2. Avoid saturated fat
Why, if they are needed? Their role in life processes is very important. They ensure the integrity of the cell walls. Increase the ability of digestion of fats and the effectiveness of the immune system. Strengthen bones of animal fats and do not cause heart disease. As a source of energy, the heart consumes about 60-80% fat. The rest of the energy comes from glucose and lactate. Remove natural fats, and this is the fuel for the heart.

People have eaten natural oils and fats, including animals, instead of industrial margarines or refined oils for all eternity.

3. Cholesterol restriction
It helps the development of the brain in babies and children, so in mother’s milk there is a lot of cholesterol, did nature really make a mistake? In addition, food that contains cholesterol delivers many other important substances. Only oxidized cholesterol, which can be found in products after processing, contributes to vascular diseases.

4. Limit egg consumption
Eggs are the most perfect food created by nature. They have everything you need for life. A set of essential amino acids, best absorbed among all products. Eggs are the highest quality protein source. Plus, the full range of minerals is better absorbed in the human digestive system. As well as a full range of minerals. Of course, we are talking about eggs from chickens living in normal conditions, and not from the plant.

5. Several cereal dishes per day
Most cereal products are made from white flour, devoid of nutrients. The supplements it contains can cause vitamin deficiencies.

6. Whole grain bread is more useful than white
Yes, it is healthier than baked from refined white flour, however, this applies only to bread on natural sourdough. The problem is that the shell of the grain contains substances that prevent the human body from absorbing the important minerals and vitamins contained in the grain. Only the process of natural fermentation is able to neutralize and lead to the release of compounds that are beneficial to people. Yeast fermentation and the addition of the starter in the powder will not do this. Natural leavened dough requires several hours. Such bread can be made mostly only at home. Such bread is in vain to search even in the best bakeries. Bakers use sourdough powder most often today because such bread is growing fast.

7. Limit salt intake.
If you exclude salt, then the person will have digestive problems. The body can not keep water in the appropriate places, vessels, tissues, cells, in the right quantity. That’s because salt is the main component of the human diet. Everyone who calls to exclude salt from the menu, commits a crime. In addition, the Japanese, who live the longest in the world, they eat a lot of salt (more than 12g per day), but we are talking about natural rock salt.

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