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About nutrition
The main thing for us is the pleasure in food - on taste. First of all, we are eager to get pleasure from the taste of food, the rest of…


About nutrition

The main thing for us is the pleasure in food – on taste. First of all, we are eager to get pleasure from the taste of food, the rest of us does not care much. And everything seems to be true, the body is a self-regulating system, if it is pleasant to eat, it means that the food is good! And many fall for this bait. In their view, EVERYTHING that tastes good to them is useful. And they are not far from the truth. So it was conceived by nature: A MAN SHOULD BE ORIENTED TO FEEL TASTE!

So it should be: what is tasty to me is useful for me. All animals live like this – they are guided by instincts, they choose food according to taste, smell, form and so on. We buy an apple, it should be fresh in appearance, it should have a pleasant aroma and a pleasant taste. But the man – he figured out how to enhance the taste of dishes.

What is our modern food?
At best, they are endless flavor enhancers, colors, flavors. Everything is overcooked, salted, seasoned, stuffed with chemistry.

And we always want more! And more delicious! And saltier! And sweeter! And smoked! In the worst case, what we eat is a completely chemically synthesized product.

The food industry easily produces yogurt and sausage from the same ingredients simply by adding different thickeners, flavors and colors.

As a result, our taste has completely deteriorated. We can no longer trust him. We are not tempted by carrots – it is not tasty for us.

And if you rub grated carrots, salt, pepper, marinate, season with garlic and onion, add mayonnaise – then we will eat it.

Yes, nature has conceived so that we are guided by a sense of taste, but we have distorted nature. But it is worth switching to a raw foods diet, abandoning salt and seasonings, and within a couple of weeks the natural sense of taste is restored and a simple carrot becomes very tasty, each intake of living food is a great pleasure!

After your body and taste buds are detoxified, and simple, unprocessed fruits and vegetables become tasty, then you can already trust your taste.

Talk about digesting food today. What it is.

How is the digestion of food?
We take an apple, first we chew it. Crush and mix with saliva. If this apple is not baked or boiled, but fresh and alive, then by chewing and saliva we activate the enzymes of this apple, which are mostly in the peel.

Enzymes begin the process of apple self-digestion in the stomach, this process continues, and after it enters the intestine, the body begins to actively assimilate all the beneficial substances of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and so on. In this case, the process is very simple and does not require any effort from the body.

What happens when we eat a fruit salad of apples, melons, pears and bananas? We chew it, but the process of self-digestion in full will not start. In apples, enzymes intended for the digestion of apples, in pears only for pears, etc.

And therefore, when we eat mixed up in the received porridge each component inhibits the digestion of others, the body has to spend additional forces on splitting the food products.

But it is difficult for many to eat for many, and why not if you follow the basic rules of product compatibility. Whenever you combine different foods in the same dish or in the same meal, you need to ensure that these combinations are easily digestible.

Bad combinations of products lead to indigestion, fermentation in the digestive tract and flatulence. All of these symptoms, which are considered normal, actually indicate an upset digestion.
Food ferments and rots in the intestines and, instead of saturating the body, poisons it.

A few simple rules for combining products
1. Do not mix fat with sugar

This rule is probably the most important. The combination of fat or protein with sugar contributes to fermentation. However, some authors admit a combination of sour fruits (for example, an orange) with fat (nuts, avocados). The idea is that the acidity of these fruits contributes to the digestion of fats, and they contain little sugar. Examples of a combination of fat and sugar: dates with nuts, dried fruits with avocado, avocado with sweet fruits, fruit salad with coconut.

2. Do not mix acid with starch.

A rather unfortunate combination! Acid literally stops the splitting of starch in the mouth or makes it very difficult (sometimes with painful symptoms). Examples of this combination: tomatoes with potatoes, a classic sandwich with tomato, bananas with oranges. Oranges are very acidic, and bananas, even ripe, contain starch. Bananas are best combined with less acidic fruits – sweet apples, mangoes, etc.

3. Do not mix different types of fatty foods in one meal.

Fatty foods are hard to digest. When different types of fats are combined in one meal, digestion slows down significantly. Examples of such a combination are: nuts with avocado, nuts with vegetable oil, coconut with avocados, coconut with nuts.

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