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What are eating and what do not eat syromonoedy?
In this article, I want to sort through everything that relates to the diet of syromonoedus, or rather those products that are not eaten by syromonoids. In general, as a…

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testo ultra farmacias del ahorro
Pizza: the way to conquer the world
Pizza is considered the main dish of traditional Italian cuisine. Although the history of its origin began much earlier than Italy itself appeared. Even the ancient Egyptians made sour yeast…

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That is how they cooked pork in the XIV century for a noble table. You have to try!
Meat is a source of protein and a necessary food. This is a well-known fact. Most people on the planet can’t imagine their lives without meat. Of course, there are…

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Fish in the children’s diet

Recently, an online project for parents published my article about fish in the diet of children. I share this text with you, my readers. Fish and seafood is an important component of the diet of my sons. Why and what kind of fish is useful, I tell below.

First of all, not all fish are useful: many common types of fish sold in our stores and markets are not entirely safe for health, especially for children. I want to immediately draw your attention to this! Which fish is better to choose, I will tell you further, but for now I’ll briefly list why the child has fish at all: Continue reading

Can a child be a vegetarian?

Me: To begin with, vegetarianism does not equal healthy eating. This is a must understand. After all, for example, pasta with tomato sauce, pizza and cola, fruit juice with donuts is a vegetable food, that is, formally vegetarian, but such a diet can not be called healthy. Therefore, it is impossible to promote vegetarianism without specifying that it is based on whole vegetable products. Continue reading

“Food parachute”: this trick will reduce the impact of harmful food on health

My professor at Stanford, Dr. Clyde Wilson, described a simple trick: it will be useful to many who are unable to give up harmful food, but at least a little thinking about their health. And Dr. Wilson knows what he is talking about: he received a doctorate in chemistry from the same Stanford University and at the same time teaches at UCSF medical schools and also heads the Institute of Sports Medicine (Sports Medicine Institute). In his article, Dr. Wilson tells how to continue eating pizza and fast food, significantly reducing their detrimental effect on our body. I hasten to share a secret with you, having translated, with the permission of the author, an article into Russian: Continue reading

These three plants relieve inflammation and pain is better than drugs.

Take note of the three most powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic plants. They act more efficiently than many drugs and have no side effects (if used in reasonable quantities, like any other product). This information is especially useful for those who often have to take anti-inflammatory or pain medication to reduce fever, relieve joint pain, and the like. After all, even the most harmless at first glance drugs have serious side effects for the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and heart. Continue reading

How does heat treatment of vegetables affect the content of vitamins?

Recently, one of my readers asked how much baked bell pepper is rich in vitamin C or is it completely resolved by heat treatment. This question prompted me to prepare a more detailed answer to the question of preserving vitamins and other nutrients during the heat treatment of vegetables in the form of this article.

Indeed, various cooking methods change the nutrient composition of fruits and vegetables, but this is not always bad. Some studies show that, although the heat treatment of foods may lead to the degradation of certain nutrients, the availability of others may increase. Continue reading

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