Separate meals
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5 reasons why people become vegetarians
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My diet is raw food 80/20
People often ask me what is my diet of food eater? And why am I not 100% raw food eater, but only 80%? In this article I will answer these…


My diet is raw food 80/20

People often ask me what is my diet of food eater? And why am I not 100% raw food eater, but only 80%? In this article I will answer these questions.

My diet is about like this:
Breakfast: I drink only water or seduy one apple or salad. But most of the time I don’t eat breakfast at all or eat some fruit at 11 o’clock.

For lunch I usually have a large plate of vegetable salad (from cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, etc.) without salt, seasonings and spices. Sometimes I fill a salad with raw mayonnaise. There may also be bananas, apples, pears, a couple of pieces. Sometimes I eat unleavened bread (thin Georgian pita bread), wrapping pre-cooked salad and greens in it. Maybe even dried fruit with tea, just a few pieces of dates or prunes.

My dinner also consists of vegetable salad, fruit, and stewed in water or butter (homemade butter from my own cow, and what they sell in stores and not butter at all). Rarely porridge on the water.

Well, during the evening, small snacks with fruit or dried fruit, rather from a bitch or simply wanting to chew something, than from hunger.

I am not a robot and my diet sometimes deviates from the norm. In raw food circles this is called a breakdown. I eat chocolate, raw red fish, black bread, homemade pancakes or cheese cakes (all made from homemade quality ingredients), eggs. But this does not constitute a small proportion of my diet, and each time it gradually decreases, disappears as superfluous.

The main thing is not the particulars that I personally have in life, but the principles of the approach to life in general. This, above all, honesty with oneself and those around them. They are not afraid to talk about uncomfortable things, and at the same time do not move on to disputes, which in fact do not solve anything.

Do not blindly believe that raw foods will save you from everything in the world and you will grow new legs or arms. The diet of the food eater will help you get rid of most of the problems, but not all. It must be remembered.

Also, inept handling of raw food principles can add more health problems or even death. Guys if you have a long time feeling unwell or severe weight loss, you should seek the help of doctors.

Every person is an individual (this includes social circle, work, study, personal habits and stereotypes, etc.). Therefore, it is worth choosing a diet for your needs, opportunities, geography of residence.

At present, I have a ration of transition and, of course, should not be taken as a standard.

And I want to say separately about my diet of the raw foodist, and why I did not switch to 100% raw milk. The fact is that after 9 months of 100% raw food, I started having stomach problems. Doctors diagnosed a stomach ulcer. Perhaps I had it before raw food, but because I haven’t been examined before, I didn’t know about it, because even before syrodeniya, my food was good enough and I never enjoyed pepsi and fast food. A diet of 80% raw and 20% boiled allows me to feel normally both physically and emotionally.

I do not urge to eat everyone like me or go to 100% raw foods, everyone must make a choice for themselves.

I made the decision to switch to 100% raw foods in the most natural way, simply discarding everything superfluous at the behest and well-being of my body, which is happening at the moment. What and sincerely wish you.

p.s. Listen to what your body says, and the more often you listen to it, the more often it will respond to you. Do not believe? Check …

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