Nuances of raw food
Every person wants to be healthy, happy. People are constantly in search of an ideal lifestyle, where there is no place for disease, drugs, and longevity is an integral part…

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Proper nutrition in Japanese
The Japanese are more than confident that it is healthy food that prolongs life. The land of the rising sun is the birthplace of science called macrobiotics. According to this…

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Hot smoking: how to smoke the meat yourself
It is not necessary to leave a cozy cottage for a trip to the city for smoked foods that most people like. It is enough to have meat (lard, poultry,…

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Raw foods: Pros and Cons
Recently, along with vegetarianism and veganism, raw foods are becoming more and more popular. Its essence is in the rejection of thermal or any other processing of food in order…


How to become a vegetarian? It is easier than it seems.

Some people try to go on a vegetarian menu slowly, gradually, while others – dramatically and permanently change their lifestyle. The main task is to realize, to feel your usual rhythm, the one that works for you, and stick to it in the future, with vegetarian food. In the transition to vegetarianism, there is no need to become an ideal vegetarian instantly, “in one sitting.”

Life without meat.
In fact, to exclude meat from those many dishes that you know and love is easy. Remove the beef from spaghetti tacos and chili; Do not put pepperoni in pizza and ham in fried cheese. You can add more vegetables to your dishes, use soy protein, tofu or another meat substitute if you really want it, or just remove the meat and enjoy the dish as it is. Most of your favorite foods can be easily made vegetarian with minor modifications.

Give a chance.
Did you know that most people need to try new foods dozens of times before they decide they like it? If you have tried any vegetarian food for the first time and immediately felt hatred for it, try giving this dish one more chance. Tofu, for example, you can understand and love (acquired taste, acquired taste), that is, to learn, especially since it is not always properly prepared. Try new vegetarian foods several times before making a decision.

Eliminate the “failure” of your vocabulary.
Many newly-grown vegetarians already have a bad experience. If you have lost your temper and ate meat, it does not mean that you have failed, it simply means that you ate meat. Do not let him command you. Just keep to the strictly intended course and do not turn anywhere. Still, strict vegetarianism (strictly vegetarian) will take some time to get used to.

Ignore the opinions of others.
“You’re doing it wrong,” not only new vegetarians often say, but even vegans apparently don’t just feel that the world doesn’t fit in with their ideas. Ignoring everything around creates occasional difficulties, but in reality it’s better to focus on what you are doing and why even if, contrary to the opinions of others, it’s easier to say than to do, but seriously (!), if you can ignore rude comments, the process of becoming a vegan is much shorter.

Read some good cookbooks.
As much as possible, you can / should eat peanut butter and cheese pizza. There are many amazing vegetarian cookbooks that can expand your menu, offer you new dishes and make life a lot more exciting. See also culinary blogs and YouTube channels.

Diversify nutrition.
If only spaghetti, vegetarian freezing and french fries are included in your vegetarian menu, your health will definitely suffer, you will feel worse than ever and will blame the new lean diet, prompting you to probably even give up. You should definitely stick to a balanced whole-grain ration, vegetables and proteins, and allow yourself some dessert. Get vegetarian buddies. If you are familiar with vegetarians in everyday life – this is very great!

Go together to a vegetarian restaurant or cafe, talk, cook together and be glad that you have a like-minded person. If there are no vegetarians in your surroundings, chat on forums where you can meet such people, ask questions, discuss problems or exchange opinions.

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Proper nutrition in Japanese
The Japanese are more than confident that it is healthy food that prolongs life. The land of the rising sun is the birthplace of science called macrobiotics. According to this…


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