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The most common nutritional errors and their solution

As you know, good health and well-being are a prerequisite for a high quality of human life. It seems, what could be easier than to maintain your own health for many years and enjoy excellent well-being? However, on the path of this seemingly simple aspiration, many different obstacles arise, and the most important among them are serious eating disorders.

Consider what exactly these violations are and what can help us maintain our health against the background of constantly worsening environmental conditions and regular stress in our lives.

Binge eating
This item is named by most nutritionists as bringing the greatest harm to our health. Why? The answer to this question lies on the surface. Think for yourself, because for the processing of food entering our body requires a significant amount of energy, which, spent on splitting into its constituent elements, is individual and limited in each organism. Therefore, being engaged for a long period exclusively in food processing, we find ourselves constantly exhausted, all the time trying to sleep, because the strength goes only to the work of our stomach.

At the same time, the energy required for cleansing the body, for removing accumulated toxins and restoring all body functions becomes minimal, which, of course, affects both well-being and general health. After all, the splitting of food produces both the energy necessary for the body’s vital activity and some waste that must be removed in a timely manner. If this does not happen, certain ailments arise, which are imperceptible at first, but over time they accumulate and are increasingly felt by the person. It may be a rash on the skin, constipation, dermatitis.

Unhealthy food
This second in order, but not least in importance, item also very quickly affects both health and appearance, because all the “irregularities” of our diet manifests itself in the form of acne, dermatitis, redness, and further in problems of the gastrointestinal tract . For this reason, the recommendations of nutritionists to use more natural, thermally untreated food, which contains all the trace elements and nutrients we need, are becoming clearer. In addition, such food does not require long cooking, for its consumption does not need to show the highest levels of skill in cooking.

Insufficient fluid intake
This item is also one of the most important, because with the help of water there is a significant acceleration of all processes in our body, slags and waste products are removed. At the same time, drinking water of exceptionally high quality should be consumed, because the human body consists of 70 percent of water, and for this reason all the processes that take place in our body directly depend on what kind of water is used by man.

And now, after reviewing the basic mistakes made by a person in the diet, we will answer the question, how can the negative impact of improper food be neutralized?

If we continue in the same manner as we began our article, we should single out three points of the plan to eliminate the harmful effects of these factors on our body.

First, the restriction of food intake
There are no recommendations here other than the constant monitoring of your diet. After all, we often do not even notice that bad mood, stress and other negative emotions are “stuck” with high-calorie snacks, which in itself is no longer useful.

For better control over your diet, it is recommended to keep records of everything that you eat in a day. It is advisable that these records be kept regularly, and that caloric intake of meals is taken into account. Thus, it will be easier to analyze where the breakdown of your diet occurs, where more calories are consumed than your body requires.

Secondly, proper nutrition
At this point, there are no particular difficulties, since information on healthy eating today can be found in sufficient quantities. Fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, fresh meat and fish, as well as all sorts of nuts – all this should form the basis of your healthy and proper diet.

Third, drinking mode
Daily intake of about two and a half or three liters of good quality water allows you to keep your skin healthy and young, improve metabolism, and always look young and beautiful. However, constant monitoring of the quality of drinking water is an important point, because many mistakenly take for drinking water all kinds of drinks, which, in addition to water, are composed of dyes, sugar and other substances that are not very useful for our body.

Drinking water should not contain any additional impurities, even tea or coffee are already drinks, and not clean drinking water. What kind of water to use, decide, of course, you personally.

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