How to return youth and health?
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Why give up the usual food?

Everyone knows about vegetarians, someone heard about raw foodists, almost no one knows about pranistah – people who feed on the energy of light and the surrounding space. Why all this and who needs it? Why do you need to abandon the usual system of food and go first to vegetarianism, then raw foods, and to top off and power? Refusal of the usual food is necessary for those who have a goal – a young healthy body, regardless of age, a body completely controlled by the mind, a body capable of attaining not only longevity, but also immortality.

With food, we get not only nutrients, but to a greater extent it is a source of information and energy for the cells of our body. The main channel for the body to receive this energy is not the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).
Without food, in extreme conditions, we can live long enough. Without air, we cannot survive at all. From this it follows a reasonable conclusion that the main source of energy for the body is the air we breathe. At the second place in terms of energy consumption are the eyes. It is through them that the lion’s share of all information and, as a result, of the energy of the surrounding world, enters our brain. In third place (conditionally) is our skin – a living, thinking “organ”, the wisdom of which sometimes many times exceeds the consciousness of its owner. And the gastrointestinal tract takes in this company an honorable fourth place. But not in our mind! Here he was given complete freedom, reverence and gratification.

And now let us consider what we actually get with the food absorbed in an inordinate amount.
The main thing that recognizes and assimilates our body in the first place, is information! Information encrypted in every particle and cell of the desired product. And what is scary here, you ask.

Imagine a living plant. His every cell is filled with tremendous vitality. Even after the plant is disrupted, it continues to live for a long time. Remember wheat grains found in Egyptian tombs. Regardless of their respectable age (something around 3000 years old), after the seeds were planted in the ground, they sprouted! Here is what information our DNA, our operational memory, reads from food entering the body.

Life or death.
What do you think DNA can be taken from a cage of a corpse lovingly prepared by a caring member of your family or a cook at a restaurant? Only information about death! Every cell of a dead animal that has become a tasty steak just screams about its death and decay.

According to the laws of nature, everything that died must be disposed of. This is what our DNA reads, this is how it is programmed and reprogrammed from morning to evening. The same information carried her cooked dead foods. And in this way, we have our own life programs, originally given to us by God, as creative, with our own hands we rewrite to programs of aging and death. This is one of the true roots of health problems, aging and overweight. One, because this question, as well as everything in this world, cannot be considered separately. This also includes “finishing off” yourself on the mental and emotional level, inept waste of sexual energy, and much more that does not do credit to a reasonable person.

Therefore, the primary task of every sane person should be the need to reprogram their holy of holies, their DNA, from the programs of destruction to the programs of creation, which, in turn, will contribute to the preservation or return of youth, health and longevity.

Academician Vernadsky in his article “Autotrophicity of a Man” published in 1925 in a reputable French magazine wrote:

“What will happen to humanity as it masters the entire surface layer of the planet?” In the end, to reclaim all possible biocenoses, it must master the direct synthesis of food from mineral sources. As long as the person in the diet depends on the rest of the plant and animal world, he cannot be sufficiently provided for. Coming to the limit of its nature encompassing thought, mankind should move to a different way of nutrition – autotrophic. Synthesizing food directly from solar energy, man will push the history of the Earth to an unheard-of geological upheaval, to a new geological era in the history of the planet. Actually, it will be no longer a man, but some other rational being.

By that time, a person will move from a heterotrophic state of matter – living at the expense of another creature, into an autotrophic state and will use the sun’s energy for life, bypassing living organisms. We must fight for this, since it is important for the Russian culture to occupy such a position … ”

So, there is no limit to perfection. Ahead of new discoveries and victories!

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