Nuances of raw food
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How to become a vegetarian? It is easier than it seems.
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Proper nutrition is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition is considered an important environmental factor, which has a significant impact on the change in the course of all processes occurring in the body. For him, there is a…

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That is how they cooked pork in the XIV century for a noble table. You have to try!
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Fruitarianism is the most natural way of life

Every year, fruitorialism is becoming more and more widespread. At one time, fruitarianians were concentrated mainly in America, but now they can be found all over the world. Let’s see what the concept of fruitorialism includes and who the fruitorians are.

Fructorianism is the easiest and at the same time the most natural way of nutrition and lifestyle for a person. This food is only fresh, unprocessed fruits and berries. No dried fruits, honey, roots, sprouts, tea, etc. Only the fruits in their natural fresh form, not mixed in the form of salads. This also includes tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and other fruits, which for some reason are mistakenly considered by many to be vegetables. Moreover, fruktoriantsy prefer the most chemistry-free products. It was this kind of food that was originally conceived for the human by the Creator, and that it does not litter our bodies, allowing us to use our resources for self-purification.

The advantages of fruitarianism:
Fruits people do not age, they are always young both in body and soul!

Fructorianism does not imply any killing or violence, it is the most environmentally friendly food, because the fruits do not leave trash behind, but give the earth food in the form of compost, preparing it for growing a new crop.

Only fruits give people the maximum amount of energy, because they contain natural sugars, which are the main source of nutrition for humans, and fruits require a minimum of expenditure on assimilation and processing, thereby not loading our body at all. There is nothing more natural and natural fruit.

Fruits do not need to be cooked, soaked or germinated, but only to eat in their original form – they are ready.

Fruits are easy to grow, their yield is much higher than all other products. The number of fruits on the ground is huge, and you can constantly create more and more new species with the help of crossing.

Fruits visually attract people – you just have to look at these beautiful fruits, so that there is an involuntary desire to eat them.

No other product has such sweetness and such divine aroma as fruit.

Fruits are a natural anti-depressant, they calm, elevate mood, give a feeling of inner comfort and provide clarity of mind.

People who have converted to fruitorialism save not only themselves but our entire planet.
How exactly, you ask? Now too much of the territory is occupied by pastures, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, plants and other things to breed animals, kill them and cook in a variety of ways. If instead of all this, planting fruit trees, then they will give us not just a huge harvest, but also plant greenery and improve our planet – the air will become cleaner, more oxygen, the earth richer, the temperature of the air and the weather around the world will gradually normalize, natural disasters will disappear and many many others.

The leaves of the plants absorb carbon dioxide, because of which global warming is taking place in the world, so the fate of our planet depends on the number of fruit trees. Even homeless animals will not be if people begin to adhere to fruitorialism, because such animals live and breed only due to meat garbage, which they find in the garbage. Old fruit trees will go to the construction of houses, furniture, fences, etc., and then there will be no need to cut down forests! Feeding on fruits, we birds and animals contribute to their reproduction, because the seeds in the intestines are not digested, but come out in their original form. And with this we bring only the benefit of all fruit plants, because their fruits are needed to promote reproduction.

Like-minded fruktoryantsy
In recent years, fruitorians have begun to unite in the community, which is constantly expanding. Newcomers come here for advice and support, fruitians with experience share their experience and accumulated knowledge, fruit meetings, joint trips around the country and abroad are organized here. When a person switches to fruit food, he is very attracted to like-minded people, but not all cities can be found. There will be no problems in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, but in small towns, beginners will most likely feel lonely. But not when they know about the existence of the portal Here are very well developed acquaintances between fruitorians, and you can find yourself as friends, as a life partner.

Fruits give us love, peace, harmony, happiness and literally open up new possibilities for us! This can be felt by anyone who dares to fruitarianism. Often, people want to come to fruitorialism only for a while in order to improve their health, but they feel so much positive changes in their lives thanks to a change of diet.

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